Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bad blogger...

Wow...I haven't posted since the 15th! I have been crocheting though and buying yarn! I bought yarn at the dollar tree, 2 skeins of black with a shiny black in it (I need pictures!) and I bought 2 red fun furs at Joann's to got with the black (another scarf for me!) I bought some fabulous yarn called Curious in a lovely color and have been buying one pound skeins for my cousins blanket in the Florida Gator colors. I also started and 4 color baby blanket for my brother and sister in law and bought some TLC baby in a beautiful variegated pinks and greens! I am currently working on Andrews Orange and Black blanket and only have 1 1/2 more squares to go before that's done (well not DONE done but the squares will be complete) My son Brandon now wants his blanket in White & Black so that will be my travel companion on my road trip to Las Vegas next week end and then I can haul it to Yosemite the following weekend!
All of my kids are now at their Dad's so I have a lot of free time (and quiet time) to get some things caught up and completed!

I will take pictures tonight of my new yarns and post some yummy yarn porn tomorrow!

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