Thursday, June 15, 2006


Ok well since I don't have anything new to post I thought, since I was washing it anyway, that I would post something old!
I started this giant granny square one day 16 years ago! I had some leftover yarn from a pom pom on a Halloween clown costume that I had made (the blue) and a teeny tiny bit from a scarf for my then 1 year old son, I started with that tiny bit and then added the blue and then found more leftover from scarves from my step sons and then the black. We moved up to Northern California after that and the WIP blanket was packed away. Well when we got settled and I had time to work on it, but didn't have anymore yarn to play with so one day when my husband went out he came back with a bag full of variegated skiens in a variety of colors for me to add. And add I did. I would buy a skein or 2 everytime I went and time passed and it ended up in a cute basket unfinished! In the summer of 2000, I had taken some time off of work to spend it with the kids and we were driving down to Southern California every few weeks to spend time with my family. I pulled it out and started adding again to it. I finished off once it would fit nicely on a queen size bed in July 2000!

Here are some close-ups of the yarns, nothing fancy just the cheap acrylic that I got at Kmart or the thrift store. The bright orange and the yellow that are at the edge are 2 yarns that I let my daughter and niece pick out, little girls!

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