Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Black Diamond

Back Sunday night from our trip with an extra boy again...just a different boy this time!  Pictures ahead of all sorts of things so yeah...have fun!

Here we go!
Katlyn drove and there was still plenty of daylight out so I was able to work on things for a few hours.  I managed to stuff about 5 projects into my small black project bag just in case I needed variety!  I got to sewing the velvet lining in Alysha's purse.

lap full of projects!
Had a great looking sky for the entire drive, even after the sun set the stars were gorgeous!  I took this shot through the windshield so it's not a fabulous as I would have liked because a the bug guts on the glass, but I think it gives you the idea well enough!
sunset and rays
Friday we went to the book store and Brooke and I sat in the children's section looking at books while the others in our little group wandered about the store.

After the books store we went to lunch.  Brooke's soda was a bit full so she took care of it!
a girl and her soda
The evening was spent with all of my children hanging out at Alysha's for margaritas and burgers and general mayhem that goes along with that!

Saturday morning Brooke came a snuggled with me and I of course felt the need to capture the moment even with a flash!

she was awake
Spent Saturday with Christopher and gang, had Chinese for lunch....

Played at toys-r-us for a bit....

and babysat Eligh and Brooke while everyone popped out for a tattoo....

She was my helper with him
Trip home on Sunday afternoon, weather was nice and I worked on the strap for Alshya's purse.

project in the dash
Got my Arvin tower on the way home since the one on the way up didn't come out this time!

Got more done one the purse strap last night while watching Broadchurch and will get it finished up tonight.  I bought a pretty button for the closure and made a black rose for the front of it as well.  Hoping I can get the strap sewed on and get it of my hook and in the mail this week!  Pictures to follow as soon as it's done!

Listening to:  Helter Skelter by Motley Crue
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