Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Brown Sugar

Yikes, time has slipped by quickly!  Haven't posted in quite awhile I see!  When I'm not doing a ton of projects I don't take as many pictures so I have nothing to post really, I mean who wants to "read" my stories instead of seeing pictures!

Bananas are good
Yep took a picture of breakfast...no reason, just because! 
Saturday was a lovely sunny day and I had the windows open and the sun shining in my room while decluttering.  Kid enjoyed the sunshine!
Sun shining and sleepy look
Friday night Katlyn and I went to Walgreen's looking for candles that they only sell at Valentine's...they are not selling them this year though!  They of course have loads of chocolate!

Best reason for Valentine's!
We had a bit of rain last week, I mean it is Southern California so nothing major, though some of the drivers on the road seem to think that it's cause for driving 20 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone....ugh!

I do love the rain!
Reading in the cool evenings, snuggled under a blanket with the dogs hanging out with me is a great way to spend my nights!
Rereading a familiar story
Working on another Doctor scarf in the car, while waiting for Katlyn's class to end.
Working on Doctor scarf, #2
Oh yes and visited Santa Rosa to see my kids :)  Christopher put a new stereo and speakers in my car and now there is no crackling and I can listen to my loud songs loud!
My new stereo!

So many ends!
Lunch out with the kids in Santa Rosa!  Christopher was saying that the people he follows on Intsagram take a lot of food pictures, so I figured I would share my lunch with him even though he was sitting across the table from me!
Can't resist a jalapeno burger!
My most favorite little girl to hang out with while in Santa Rosa...well technically Windsor, but close enough! Brooke and I had a very nice time together and I got lots of snuggling in with her!

Love those eyes
And there you have it, a silly bit of an update with a touch of crocheting thrown in the mix!

Listening to: So Good To See You by Cheap Trick

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