Sunday, January 13, 2013

Light my fire

Yay, scarf is done and I love it!  Finished it up last night and proudly wore it to the super market this morning!  It's 12 feet long with the fringe and it is brilliant if I do say so myself!  Honestly I haven't had a scarf make me this happy before.  Now on with the pictures:
Day 7
Day 8
Now taking pictures of a completed 12 foot long scarf is quite the challenge!  I can't take one of me wearing it by myself and I really had no desire to doll up for a photo shoot is Sunday afterall and my hair is in it's usual weekend style...piled on top of my head in a bun, messy and bangs clipped straight back, so that and no make up means no way I'm taking a picture, I'll pop to the market like that, but no pictures!  So I now present my finished scarf in all it's glory!
Happy, happy!  Yesterday I did some cleaning and decided it was going to be a day of relaxing a bit and so the dogs and I lounged on my bed with the sun streaming in through the window while they slept and I worked on getting my scarf done!  I read as well and the dogs happily snoozed in the sun, well Kid mostly, Max moved to the other side of the bed into the shady part!
Sun bathing
So that's my update, I am off to do laundry and get some small projects wrapped up!

Listening to: Seed by Korn
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