Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Top of the hump

Well it's a slow week around here, not sure why really just time feels quite slow.  And it's been getting hot, so my yarn usage has changed a bit.  I am making a small granny square pincushion with some mini hanks of yarn I got from a swap, I don't know what yarn it is but it's quite thin.  Really you would think after all these years I would know my yarn weights better!  I am going to say it's a super fine/fingering weight and I am using a C hook and making tiny granny squares!
Here's one and a second started
See how little they are and my hand feels stupidly huge holding such a small hook. Should have the fourth square done tonight and then the four of them whipped together.  Speaking of tiny hooks, the pretty rose I did on Sunday, well I decided it I would try it using embroidery thread.  Steel hook and some pink thread came up with this pretty little thing!

too bad I can't keep it here!

Just some tiny things I am working on while the weather is super hot.  I do need to get the strap done for Katlyn's bag and of course get started on the dress for Brooke.  I am going to go to JoAnn's on Friday a pickup the yarn for it and hope, hope, hope I can do it!  Here's the picture in the magazine which of course is from 2008 and the yarn that is called for has been discontinued, but I think I can easily find a substitute for it, so long as I remember my yarn weights!  :)

Brooke would pose exactly like this too!
Yay, update in the middle of the week!  Top of the hump, only downhill from here right?

Listening to: Somebody Told Me by The Killers
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