Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday is back!

Here we are with a tiny update of sorts!  I finished the striped scarf completely and the blocking made a great deal of difference.  I just need to get Katlyn to put it on so I can get a picture, it's been a bit warm around here lately and wearing a scarf is not on the top of her list!
Had a nice weekend, went to my Sister's for a Mother's Day BBQ on Saturday evening and did a bit of crocheting there.  She made a bag and asked me to whip up a handle for it.  Katlyn liked the bag and asked if I could make one for Thursday!  She's leaving for a few weeks to go up North and visit her Dad.  That means 3 1/2 weeks all by myself and then a 400 mile road trip alone with 2 dogs!  Sounds like it is going to be interesting!  I started working on the bag using RH Boutique Treasure in Abstract and man oh man I love this yarn.  It's an acrylic/wool blend and the colors just flow so wonderfully and are striping perfectly too.   So Mother's Day for me was spent in part crocheting :)
Hooking on the patio (just ignore the leaf mess)
Katlyn made us brunch and we just relaxed around the house, I was either reading A Game of Thrones (great book, haven't had a book take hold of me in a long time!) or crocheting while doing the regular chores of laundry and trash taking out!  We went up to JoAnn's to look for some fabric to line her new purse and a cute button for the closure and found both and she also got some barrette bases for some things she's making to wear.

Deathly Hollows Katlyn made for me :)
 Mother's Day presents from my Daughter
My new head!
So that's my weekend wrap up, I do need more pictures and I think more projects are on the horizon since the girl will be gone for so long!

Listening to: If Love Is A Crime (I Wanna Be Convicted) by Keel

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