Monday, December 05, 2011

Holidays are here....yikes

I have big plans, really I do!  I just have to get them done :)  I did manage one thing so far, pretty good for the 4th day of the month (posting this on the 5th but I did it last night)
While it is a terrible picture, it is up and hanging on the front door for all to see and by all I mean my neighbors across from me because no one else comes up our stairs except for us & them!  It's all good though because I love it and my Daughter though she did rolls her eyes this morning upon seeing it for the first time (she was away house sitting this weekend) like it.  I LOVE the Christmas season, I love the lights, the sparkle, the cold weather (my skin hates that part), the decorating!  I do miss Christmas mornings when my kids were younger and the tree was filled with presents for them to tear into.  Now that they are grown they don't want the legos and cars and barbies....sigh I am old!  I will just go along and enjoy the hell out of the season!!

Ok the wreath was so easy to do, picking the colors was the hardest part of the whole project.  Once the color scheme was decided I went to my stash and grabbed a few greens that worked together and and pretty deep red and threw in the cream and tan to give it some rusticness.  No gluing so all yarn is still usable and I can see this being a year round door decor, changing out different colors for the seasons.  Idea came from here
I am doing a rasta colored hat for my Nephew, trying to design a Bender hat for Steven and have my Niece's blanket to finish up all in the next 2 1/2 weeks....oh yes I have a swap partner on Ravelry that I have not shopped for, but at least got the homemade thing out of the way!  I am really not very good at these swaps and don't think I will be doing many more.  I know what I like, but I ALWAYS worry about what other people like and question everything I pick out.  Ok enough of this!  I really need to get some work done, being as it's Monday and I have not done much yet!  Ugh, it's Monday and I have my 2nd job tonight!!!  Great, now I am bummed again!

Listening to:  Burn by Three Days Grace
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