Monday, December 12, 2011

A couple of things...I have been getting Christmas stuff done!  Yay!  I got this cute garland done for a swap I am in on Ravelry.  the one on the left is made with some cream colored cotton yarn I have had for many moons, I believe the Bernat makes it and the green one is made for cotton yarn that I recycled from a sweater I bought at the Goodwill back in 2007.  The things I have laying around my stash!  I actually have used this green yarn twice this season, it's also a couple of balls on my Christmas wreath :) I haven't taken any pictures of the garland done yet, but grabbed couple extra stars on my way out the door this morning so I had something to post.  The green has different color variations in it, though I chose all the same colors grouping for the garland, the lighter green.  
This hat is for my Nephew who is very muchly loving rasta colors and slouchy hats, so I whipped him up a quick Christmas gift!
Next up will be a Bender hat that I am trying to design for my Son and trying to get my Niece's blanket done as well!  Oh yes and a hat for one of the girls at my night job and a Creeper for my daughter's stocking...crap!!  Hmmm, there's 12 days left until Christmas, losing tonight though because I work all day and night!  Sigh...........I will just hook on and hope for the best!

Better get some work done so I still have a day job!

Listening to:  Knock Yourself Out by Toby Keith (my Ipod has a major crush on Toby Keith!)

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