Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beginning of the year already!

I really should do an end of year round up of pictures, but lord knows where they are all at.  I will add the pictures of Katlyn's Creeper that I got done just in time for Christmas!  I got a scarf done for my Niece too, but  didn't take pictures of that.  When I see her again I will try to get some.  New puppy came home with us on New Years got a few things ready for him.  Went to JoAnn's and get some fleece remanents and made him a bed and a bed for Max because I don't want him to feel left out.  I saw a link for it on and will have to hunt it out again to post up the link.  Super easy and quick and both dogs loves them!

After thinking about it I did get loads of things done this past year.  Finished up my big ripple, hats done up like crazy, Lucy bag, a Creeper, star garland, fingerless gloves....hmmm, not as bad as I had thought!
Blanket started for Brooke

Ok I really must find all my pictures, I think they are on this computer here at work and on my laptop!  Let me run off and see, maybe I can get a year end mosaic together to make it simpler!

Listening to:  Ten Ton Brick by Hurt 
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