Wednesday, June 22, 2011

some pictures

I managed to hunt down my pictures of my most recent yarns. First up yarn given to me by Toni, she bought it when she went to a graduation in Bakersfield and I am going to make her a scarf with it.
2 of these and if it wasn't a millions degrees right now I could play with it! I just might later tonight anyway. I will probably just make her an Airy Scarf like the Malabrigo one I just whipped up, she really liked it and it works nicely for the summer mornings being as she lives in Santa Rosa and it tends to be cooler there then here.
I bought these at Cast Away on Sunday before leaving town and drug my Son Steven and Toni (his girlfriend) with me
Oh the Malabrigo goodness here! I have the Lime-Blue roll up into a center pull ball now and should get to work on that scarf. So many choices now and soooo many WIP's to complete!

Ok photo update done, the last 2 shots are iPhone bad shots, but trust me the yarn is yummy! I am leaving work early today and I should get something done before that, so I will finish this post for today!

Listening to:
Falling in Hate by Five Finger Death Punch (up to the "f's" now)
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