Monday, June 20, 2011

dishcloths and stuffs

Oh I really have nothing exciting to check in with...really I haven't gotten much crocheting done lately, I did manage to finish a small dishcloth. 20 chains to start and 20 rows and finished up with a sc all the way around. I decided I am tired of sponges and the nasty smell they seem to acquire so fast! No matter what I sponges, old sponges run through the washer and dryer...nothing helps so I am trying dishcloths that I make myself. I am feeling very green in doing so too! I like the way it works, just takes getting used to. My Sister asked for one as well and I am going to do some facecloths as well. I am trying to get Katlyn to make some. She worries that they are going to be crooked since every time she tries to crochet, the item ends up a bit wonky and she gives up. I told her she needs to COUNT her stitches, but she has no need for that! ^.^ I told her that they will be used for washing dishes and wiping counters and I don't care if they are wonky. I think she just might do it this time and maybe the simpleness of it and a fast finished product will motivate her learn more and make her own things! We will see!

I am working on getting the potholders completed by the end of the month so I can ship them off to Tony which works well for me, since it's his birthday as well!

Ok I thought I had yarn pictures on my work computer, but I don't so no pictures right now. That just make for a boring as hell post....sorry! I will get some pictures and post, but I am at work right now and should be doing something!!

Listening to:
Country Club by Travis Tritt
(I am listening to my Ipod in alphabetical order right now...up to "c", started on Friday!

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