Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday crocheting

I have gotten my baby star to resemble a star!
It's coming along nicely and fairly simple to do while watching TV so that is nice. I don't know how many more rounds I'll put on in the Multi before changing to White...I'm kind of playing it by ear with the whole color scheme. Just doing what tickles my fancy!
I am going to work on my ripple tonight and then take new pictures of that becasue I haven't had any updates on that in a long time!
Tomorrows my day off and I will be running errands and getting the house ready for Thanksgiving. I'm not going anywhere this year so I invited everyone over! I don't have to make the turkey, just everything else...I can't wait! I usually go to my Sister's house and just help out there (though I will miss that like crazy!!!) This is the first Thanksgiving in about 7 years that I've done. It should be fun...I have plenty of beer if things go wrong though!
Ok that's it for now, I'm off to work on my ripple!

Listening to: Silver, Blue and Gold by Bad Company
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