Sunday, November 11, 2007


Finally done with Katlyn's blanket. Yay~ I can now finish my ripple! Plus I am a starting a baby blanket using Beth's Little Star pattern with Red Hearts Soft Baby in a print multi and white. I think that I will finish up my Baby Snow Dragon that I am currently stalled on and get the multi colored one done and give them to my Niece and Nephew for Christmas be cause with it being November 12th already (I started typing last night), there is no way I will ever get their blankets done by Christmas! I have had a bad crocheting year! I had SOOOO many more projects done this time last year. I also had many projects lined up for this year! I just don't seem to have a desire to get anything done! I was very excited for my ripple and now that is sitting in it's bag a little over half done and neglected! Ok well that I blame on myself for not getting Katlyn's done in a timely manner in the first place so I did banish it to it's bag until Katlyn's was finished but there really is no good reason that Katlyn's took so long in the first place! Well now that I have rambled a lovely rant over my lack of enthusiasm for crocheting right now, I will give you some pictures!
I added a slight shell border just to girly it up a bit more then the boys ones that I had done previously. And honestly to say it is done 100% is a bit of a stretch because I ran out of yarn will 4 inches to go on the border! FOUR INCHES!!! I have to go and buy a skein of Grey Heather Simply Soft for 4 inches! I searched all of my yarn stashes last night thinking that I had put aside the bits leftover for each square but NOOOO. Ok that's the whole truth now! When I am done with this post I am off to the shower and then off to Joann's to get the blasted yarn and finish this off! Anywooo... This is the pile of yarns that was left after the weaving and snipping! That is a lot of weaving and snipping I tell you!
That's the end of my tale for the time being! I wll get pictures of the starting of the Star (which I don't really need until June, but am VERY excited about) and hopefully make some progress on the ripple as it is very cold here lately and having the ripple on my lap will keep me toasty!


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