Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday, Friday, Friday

This weekend can not come soon enough! I've been tired all week long! I have been working on a couple of things. My Sister & I went to Joann's because they were having a sale on their Sensations yarns, so we just had to check it out! I got a few skiens to add to my stash! I got one of their big Rainbow Boucle in pink and am making a baby blanket for my sisters friend.
Here's that. I am not following any pattern just a basic ripple to show off the yarn. It's coming along nicely. I have been working on my Knitpicks afghan as well, but haven't really gotten all that far. I finished the heart potholder and will get the second one done this weekend. I have no plans this weekend except for dropping off and picking up my Daughter from friends houses all weekend, so after cleaning the house, I will be able to get some crocheting done!
Here's the other yarn that I picked up:
It's 100% wool but I haven't decided what I will be making! My daughter has dibs on the blue for a scarf though so I guess that will be one project!
I think that about wraps everything up!

Listening to: U And UR Hand by Pink
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