Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday rollout

Well here we are again...
I managed to get a few things worked on and started. I have been working on the blanket with my new yarns. The yarns are yummy! So nice and soft and I love the textures. Here's a picture of the progress so far:
Too bad the photo doesn't show the texture too well! The solid green is an Alpaca & Wool blend, that is so soft. A little hard to work with, but none the less very lovely. I have two more yarns to add and then the pattern repeats. I will add more pictures as I go along.
I also got another 1/2 of a potholder done while watching football yesterday! Here's that one:
Just need to get the other side done and stitched together.
Now my Sister bought this scarf (for a ridiculous price) at Lucky because she really liked it and because she knew that I would love to dissect it to make my own! So I worked up a square loosely based on the center of the scarf. Here's the scarf:

Now this is the square that I worked up in a test yarn. The actual yarns that I am using are these:
Now I don't know when it is that I will actually get this scarf done or even started with all of the other stuff I am working on before Christmas, but you never know...
That's it for me!

Listening to: Our Love by Krokus
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