Monday, November 07, 2005

Mimosas...mmm good!

I think that I could drink mimosas all day is just a happy drink that doesn't fill me up the way that beer does and makes me pretty darn happy! Just a thought, but I guees the problem with that is that I would have to stay home ALL of the time because I can't drive if I'm happy on mimosas..drat! Oh well, plus it's kind of hard to crochet well.

I have one cute baby blanket almost done and 1 inside square (of 16) for my new couch throw. Now I need to finish my daughters afghan & my mothers & the one I started for my youngest son (which I might just start over anyway...not much done on it and I want to do a different stitch.) 5 wips...not too bad. I made some stich markers over the weekend and that was fun. They turned out really cute and my daughter wanted to wear them as earrings.

I really need to get some pictures of everything so I can post up my finished projects, because I actually, occasionally really do finish something!
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