Wednesday, January 13, 2016 and more!

Here we are the 2nd week of January and I haven't posted since September!  Oh dear....I will do a quick picture update from the last couple of months!
Things I've completed, still working on or newly started!
He likes to hang out with me
Pumpkin hat
Santa c2c
Katlyn got a new puppy, she was found tied up in an alley with no water with the temperature outside above 90.  She was approximately 3 months old according to the vet, malnourished and had to take medication for some aliment that I can't remember, but she is now a bouncy, healthy, near 6 month old puppy who is slowly destroying my house! 
New puppy
Now on with the new boy in the family who is seriously the sweetest baby ever!  Born September 20th 
New Grandson!

My Son the shark

He's so tiny!

Candy Corn Hat

Boob Beanie

Katlyn turned 21

2 Grandkids now!

the growing blanket

Me & Brooke

Lunch at the mall

recycled silk yarn - Darn Good Yarn

Snowman c2c

a quick headband

He came down for a visit!

family photos

oh this face!

turkey hat

he likes it

Christmas gifts

all done

another gift

slippers - literally finished on Christmas!
I think all the photos above have explanations enough for a quick update. 
Now on to current projects!
I started this blanket on December 30th, with the idea that I could use up some of my yarn.  I have so much and it just sits in plastic tubs in the closet, so I figured I could use up some of it and make a new blanket at the same time with no pressure of Christmas or any other holiday to finish it up.  So I make a very long starting chain, I think it was 196 chains with 2 strands held together and an M hook (9.00mm) It's going to be huge!  Here's what I'm doing, hdc in each ch/st across with a 2ch turn at the end of each row.  I do 2 rows and then switch out 1 of the colors and have that on repeat until I get it a length I like.  The first picture is the start of the first row, which I do my hdc's in the back of the starting chain.  It's is a pain, but I do like that it doesn't look like the starting row.  The picture below it you can see how the blanket has advanced in just a couple of days. 

first row is always the hardest
On January 1st I started a temperature blanket.  1 row daily with the color depending on the outside temperature, usually I go with what the temperature is when I walk the dogs in the late afternoon.  Maybe next year I'll do another with the temp at noon.  It's Southern California, I'm not sure how much of variety I will be getting once it warms up a bit.

day 2

That's it for now, I've been taking daily pictures of the temperature blanket and lots of pictures of the Eater of Yarn blanket.  I want to spread it out on the bed for a large shot but my bed has a dark duvet cover and since the damn puppy ate my quilt that was light colored and I used for many photo shoots....sigh.  I'll figure something out!

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