Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hump day.....yeah!

Well I have a few projects going on in this post.  Weather here is hot so I'm doing small things and still need to get multiple baby hats done and my Niece informed me she is expecting a boy in September and would like blankets.  So on with the posting!

got my flat circle
Got my flat circle figured out and got down to the business of covering a jar.  Worked up pretty quickly once I got it situated.

Ta-da, jar cover complete.
My candy jar is bright and cheery on my desk now.  Valentine hearts all covered up!
Next up is the start of a minnie mouse hat that is slowly coming along.  slowly, because I really am not fond of working with black yarn in the evenings.  It's the worst when I am doing my increases and have to count every stitch and make sure I have the right number.  It's a bit easier when I am just going round and round with the the increases, I can pretty much do that blindly.

I hate taking pictures of black yarn projects
Next up just some random photos of things since my last post!  I take photos of my animals amusing me, or food or whatever I'm doing at the moment, so yeah....pretty random.
This is Kid, Kid is a silly dog.  He likes to sit on laps, mine or Katlyn's doesn't much matter to him, just needs to be touching one of us.  On this day, Katlyn was doing something on her iPad and had pulled a pillow onto her lap.  Kid took that as a challenge or maybe he thought it was a blanket (he likes to snuggle under blankets) anyway, he burrowed under the pillow and made himself comfy on her lap.  Weirdo!

my dog is so weird!
Fruits are plentiful right now and great for snacking so I have been keeping assorted ones on hand when they go on sale at the market.  Katlyn's happiest with her grapes, but I love fresh berries.  

berry time
My Brother was in Vegas with my Mom and Sister, for my Sister's birthday bash, so Danielle was home alone.  We joined forces to watch May's wrestling event.  Had a great time, good food and made plans for me to host June's event.  What does one make for a wrestling viewing party?

Food and Extreme Rules!
Mother's Day was this past Sunday and my oldest Son sent me a lovely box of strawberries....chocolate covered ones!  So very tasty!

Mother's Day gift
I have a lot of yarn, I mean really entirely too much yarn that I will probably never use up.  I donated 3 or 4 bags of it to Goodwill last year and I still have a crazy amount.  Since I am looking to make a baby blanket or two for my Niece, I thought it was a good time to sort through it and see what I have on hand.  I have plastic bins that I keep semi organized by color, but I have been just shoving random skeins into bags and stuffing everything on top in my yarn closet.  I started by pulling out bags and bins.  Emptying the bags onto my bed, which of course encouraged Stein to come help me.  His idea of helping was pawing each and everything that moved, which prompts me to tell he to knock it off and try shooing him off the bed, which Kid hears and comes to investigate by jumping on the bed with Stein.....really not helpful!  I did manage to get a bit of organizing done, at least got the yarn into the proper bins.

He thinks I'm a crazy yarn lady!
I found this forgotten project in my closet as well.  It's the True Blood Water Lily blanket that I started back in June of 2012.  I found the white and pinks flowers parts in one bag, along with a green skein and the blue yarn in another bag.  All of the pink and white flowers were done so I pulled them out and have now started adding the green to each one.

making circles into squares
What a handy project for the 100 degree weather we've been having this week, I pull out a flower, add a round of green and plop in in the basket. Got finished up with all of the white ones last night.  Next up the pinks. 
Basket of goodies!
Another food picture, brought my lunch last week in a cute little bento box set up.  I didn't get all fancy, but it's still cute.   Doesn't get used anymore with Katlyn no longer in school.

lunch at the office
So there we go, my update of the past couple of weeks.  I am getting crocheting done so hopefully I will have more pictures as I go along.  I will get pictures of the baby hats as well and of course the baby blankets.  I get free rein on blanket colors so it shall be fun!

Listening to: Stay With Me by Rod Stewart
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