Wednesday, May 28, 2014

...and again

So we will start this off by showing of the first of the 3 baby hats that I have done over the last 2 weeks.  I really need to start taking better pictures.  I think most of these are done in low light and that just doesn't do these hats much justice!  This first hat is a super quick hat to make.  The pattern I believe is called the 30 minute baby hat in fact.  I don't have the pattern in front of me so not sure.  Anyway, super quick and easy, though my flower has only 4 petals and the pattern flower has 6....really no idea how I manage that, but I like it!  This is done in leftover cotton yarn that I have bits and pieces laying about just for these quick little projects.
Baby hat #1
Next up we have a lovely shot of delicious ice cream, this is what my Sister came back with when she went out for diet cokes at lunch time!  Crazy girl, but damn it was good and one of my most favorites from Baskin Robbins!

Baseball Nut
Oh yes and it's been hot, of course it's Southern California, so it's never cold, but man it was HOT!  When it gets hot we head for the pool!  Ahhhh! 

Pool time.
So fun by the pool requires drinks and salsa!  I bought the drinks but made the salsa!

tasty pico
Now on to the next hat.  Again, poorly lit so entirely too grainy, but I tried!  This is a baby turban that I made sort of from a pattern.  I had to do adjustments because I used a chunky yarn and a much larger hook then the pattern called for, but it worked out nicely.  

Baby hat #2, with creeper photobomb!
So this past weekend, Katlyn and I went over the hang out at my Sister's and play some cards. Nothing says family game night better then a raunchy card game!

wine & CAH
Now up is hat 3, again low light because well it was night and we were outside playing cards.  I wanted to get this last one done before I left so my Sister had all 3 in her possession to take to the baby shower in a couple of weeks.  Done with my part!  Well sort of.

baby hat #3
My Sister is making blankets and decided that one of them needed flowers and since she doesn't know how to make flowers, she gave me yarn and a request for a dozen flowers.

they look like little fluffs of vanilla ice cream!
The yarn is super soft and super bulky so when I worked up a flower to show her, we decided that 9 would be plenty.  

9 fluffy flowers
I think that about covers it.  I believe Sunday (after wrestling of course) Katlyn will be leaving to go up North until mid month when I go up for Brooke's 6th birthday!  That leaves me with a whole lot of time for the new books series I recently started and more crocheting!

Listening to:  Flirting With Disaster by Molly Hatchet
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