Thursday, April 24, 2014

Living day to day

Easter was this past Sunday and to enjoy it even more I made cupcakes....with peeps on top!
Peep cakes!
So of course we went to my Sister's house to have dinner and hang out with family, which means I brought a hook and yarn to play with while conversing with everyone.  Really had nothing in mind other then having to whip up some baby hats for my cousin due in August, so I started fiddling a bit and this little guy popped up.  Didn't get much further as there was fighting over who I should give it to, yes I have a crazy people kind of family.  Just set it aside because I really didn't know what I was going to do with it and didn't want any hurt feelings.  On to baby hats!
Really no idea what it will be
When I packed my yarn bag before leaving the house, I just threw in a bunch of random cotton yarns to figure things out later on.  I liked this yarn previously for a baby hat and pulled it out for another hat.  Really easy peezy hat pattern for a newborn in my bag along with yarn, I was good to go.  
Start of baby hat
Now I have the hat finish except for the addition of a flower and button.  I will do pictures of the finished hat upon completion.   I have a list of hats besides the baby one that have been requested, so hats will be flying off my hooks for the next little bit which works nicely as the weather is heating up and hats are small and don't require my lap!   
Now yesterday while at work I pulled out a jar to put some Easter candy, just a regular lidded jar but it has little valentine hearts all over it, so I thought I would do a cozy to cover the hearts and keep it on my desk.  I grabbed a ball of cotton from my stash this morning and got to work.  Didn't really work out so well the first time out of the gate!
supposed to be a flat circle!
Ripped it out and started over, much better and I will have pictures when it's all done!  Suppose that's it for now!  Off to cover this jar!

Listening to:  Stranger Than Fiction by Five Finger Death Punch
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