Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Long time no see!

A couple of things going on.  Decided I wanted a slip case for my iPad and had a large skein of lime green cotton hanging around....
The beginning of an idea
I liked that the color was so bright and cheery and really reminded me of spring, so I came up with the idea of a flower on the front.  A bright white daisy and went to JoAnn's to hunt down a couple of ladybug buttons.
Adding the flower
I was pleased with the results!
All done 
Stein however had other opinions!  I got home the next day and my iPad was on the floor!  Fortunately the iPad was still inside and undamaged, though I couldn't say the same about my new cover!  Damn cat wanted those buttons really bad, glad he didn't get them off though!  They are now reattached sporting tiny teeth marks!
Stein chewed the buttons!
Found a cute scoodie pattern that was originally meant to be an Yub Nub, but Katlyn requested it become a fox.  So fox it shall be.  She was out of town for 2 weeks so it has been sitting earless until I can get the proper placement for them.  I will work on them this evening since we will be parked in front of the TV watching the 2nd Hobbit movie which was released today.
fox scoodie
Got Katlyn's Nilesy pillow all completed as well.  I found the perfect sized pillow form at JaAnn's when I was hunting buttons so I got it done up and had it sitting on her bed when she got home.
Nilesy complete
Started 2 new projects, Brandon requested a scarf and I am making a Honeydew pillow to go along side Nilesy.
New projects
I need 3 different oranges for Honeydew's pillow so while gathering yarns for Brandon's scarf I came across a couple and worked up the tiny squares since I only need a few of them and I could have the orange to use for Brandon's scarf, since his request was it should be a "frankenstein" scarf.  Made of whatever yarns I pulled out.
I had to make a trip up north to pick up Katlyn and of course enjoyed time with my gorgeous Granddaughter!
Dinnertime with Brooke
we don't take enough pictures together
The drive home was easier because Katlyn was doing the driving and I was able to crochet which as makes for an enjoyable passing of time!
working the scarf on the road
With Katlyn being gone for 2 weeks the animals missed her!  this is Stein's new favorite spot to sleep!
Stein likes to sleep on Katlyn
There we go visual update.  I have new requests for hats from Brooke and from a Cousin who is expecting so I will be getting more yarn gathered for projects.  Of course all this is being done in between reading, so many books!  And to top it off, the month of March had so many books go on sale or release that I blew not only March's book budget, but April's and half of May's....sigh.  Good thing I have a large unread collection on my Kindle and there are so many free ones available.  I dread if any on my wish list have price drops, May's budget is not all that big and there are books releasing!  Only 23 more days!

Listening to: Drift & Die by Puddle of Mudd
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