Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Why yes, I am a terrible blogger

Goodness, I really can't believe I even have this blog anymore, I am never here even though I have made a permanent tab for it to remind me!  I take pictures, save them on my computer for use here, but then I get distracted on Ravelry or Pinterest and that's me gone!  Ok enough rambling.  I have a bunch of new stuff done. Well maybe not a bunch, but I have been getting things done!
First up, no pictures for it yet though is my giant scrap ripple!  I am on the last 2 rows and those should be completed tonight while sitting and watching Top Model with Katlyn, yay!!!  Of course I have a million ends to weave in, but I am sooooo happy to have it near the end!  I have other projects to get done and I really wanted to get this done before moving along the project list.  I do manage to get small things done in between, because it is Queen sized and not an easily managed project for transport.  Wait I do have a picture, not a full one, but just a reminder shot of what it looks like...
Just a tease!

Ok next up, I made some fun wrist warmers, they a Ogre Wrist Warmer, pattern from Lion brand using Vanna's Choice yarn, which I do love even though it's "just acrylic"  Fairly easy pattern, though I had to make adjustments because there is no way on a chain 20 base that they would fit a normal person, just way too tight and with no stretch, not going to work.

they work good :)

I think that's it for the moment, I can't seem to figure out how to get this blog set-up to work and have the pictures arrange right...see what happens when I go away too long!
So after all this time it's just a short post, but I have lots of hats in the works for my Cousin and finishing a blanket for my Niece and blankets for my Son, Steven & my Granddaughter.  Plus Christmas gifts for all the kids in the family!  Busy, busy, let's hope I have time to blog again ;)

Listening to:  Push, Push by Cinderella

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