Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ok here I am again!

I'm back! I haven't been posted and I have no good reason! Track season is now over (that was a big part of my blogging neglect as well) I have been working on Andrew's blanket at meets and practice. I am now done with my Sweet Pea! Here at last are the first ever pictures of it!
And a close up of the stitch.

I love this yarn it was super easy to work with and the colors in it are lovely. I got it done in time for my Cousin's wedding next weekend as well. :)

Now that track is over I can get a lot
more projects started and hopefully finished! I have a stack of patterns I want to try and some Amigurami animals that I want to make, my own designs with any luck! No to mention that I haven't gone on a yarn buying spree in months!!! I also have to get back to my healthy eating habits again! Fast food and late night meals take a toll!

Listening to: I've Got A Gun by Brides of Destruction
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