Monday, May 01, 2006

Busy, busy!

That is what is going on! I guess I shouldn't expect less during Track season, but I just feel like I am always on the move! friday night was fine, nothing too bad, got some crocheting done and cleaned the house a bit, Track meet on Saturday though was a killer! It was the invitational and that means about 6 or 7 clubs from around the valley were there so that makes for an extra long meet! The sun broke through it's overcastness (new word) and by the afternoon it was hot, hot, hot! My poor daughter was exhausted waiting for shot put! I got a lovely sunburn even though I put sunblock on early because I have learned from the past that the overcast days will fry me fast! I did get 1 1/2 more squares done though! My sister's birthday is today (Happy BDay Sissy) and we had a party for her on Saturday night (yes after the long ass meet) but all went well. No drama (we are a family FILLED with drama at our get togethers of late!) so that made for a pleasant night.

Now for tonight I have to go to the store for school lunch stuff, take Katlyn to practice and manage some time in there to spend a second or two with my teenage boys! Oops, I forgot that tonight is Prison Break so I won't actually see them until after it's over because they don't talk to anyone from 8 to 9 on Monday nights!

That's it for me, back to my squares!

Listening to: You're in Love by Ratt
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