Sunday, December 02, 2007

A week later...

Here we are yet another week has passed by...I added more to the ripple and to the Baby Star, got a new tattoo and got a picture of my first grandchild! Dang! I don't have a picture of the ripple but everything else is a go!

First here is round 14 of the Baby Star that I am making for my first grandchild! Now as it develops it looks very blue and that was not my was supposed to be neutral. If the baby is a boy then it's fine but a girl I will have add a pink border!

Next up is the picture of my first grandchild whose father is my first born... I will be a Grandma in June of 2008!

Ok and last but certainly not least is my new tattoo...I have wanted a new tattoo for a couple of years now and finally went and got it done on Monday.
This picture is right after he finished and cleaned it. I am quite happy with it!
Ok enough news for today...I'm sure there will be more soon!

Listening to: Famous Monsters by Saliva
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