Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm back!

Ok my vacations are over for now and I'm back! I finished Andrew's orange blanket while in Yosemite (by lantern light mind you!) and got requests for more! Brandon now wants his blue and black but he said it's okay to use the white squares that I already started as well. Nice of him! Anyway I'm currently working on Brandon's blue & black blanket as well as this guy for my niece! He's really big and I started him in a lovely turquoise yarn that I had leftover but I will not have enough so I have to redo it now! Her birthday's next week so I have time I hope! My oldest turns 17 on Monday and we're having a party tonight. I can't believe that he's 17! Andrew LOVED his blanket by the way! Here's a picture of me in the cabin working on it, not a very good picture and I'm scratching mosquito bites since I was the feast du jour in Yosemite!!!

Here's a much nicer picture to look at:

Halfdome in the morning!

That's it for me, I will post a picture of MoMo when I'm done with him!

Listening to: Bringing On The Heartbreak by Def Leppard
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