Monday, July 31, 2006

Here's MoMo!

Ok this is what I worked on this weekend!
He doesn't have his legs on yet, but they are done and waiting! The pattern states that the finished size is 6"x9" yet my MoMo is WAY bigger! More like 9"x12" without his legs! I used the same yarn the pattern called for and the same hook size and my stitches are pretty tight, so I don't know what happened! My boys think that he's a great ball to throw around the house though!!! I am giving it to my niece for her Birthday, so I hope she likes it!!! This is MoMo compared to a sharpie and his legs, scattered around on my desk!

I'm working on attaching them now! I'll put up pictures of him finished, hopefully tomorrow!

Listening to: Lose You Tonight by HIM
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