Friday, May 15, 2015

Quick update here

Nothing extensive going on, still working on baby blankets, though I really need to stick with one and finish before starting on say 2 others!  Yep, 3 blankets going at once.  First up we have the lego blanket.  I have a lot of red blocks done, found the green, blue and yellow and discovered I had no black yarn!  Well of course I have black yarn, just not a simple black acrylic to go with the blocks.  I ordered Caron's One Pounder...that should keep me in black for a bit! 
a bunch of red bricks
I forgot that I had ordered lovely bunch yarn for a baby boy blanket back in June.  I pulled all of those skeins out to start on a vintage stripe baby blanket.  Really easy to do, but being stripes of 7 different color means loads of ends to weave in, not a fun project when I already have the lego blanket working up with all of those ends too! 

the beginning of stripes
I love when the weekend comes around and I don't have a bunch of things to do.  I mean I always have laundry and those kind of things, but nothing major so that means more crochet time.  I do love a lazy weekend and as you can tell by the photos, so do the dogs.

Saturday morning
Saturday afternoon
Worked on the vintage stripes, using 7 different colors in random order, I'm pleased with this one.  Not sure what I will do about a border yet, but I'm sure I will come up with something when the end comes.

love these stripes

boy blanket #2
Did I mention the lazy weekend?

Sunday morning
I went to Jo-ann's on Sunday morning because I needed some red yarn and didn't realize I needed it when I placed my order earlier in the week...sigh, I swear I only went up for 1 skein of yarn!  Of course being as it's Jo-ann's I need to wander the yarn aisles just a bit!  I found this gorgeous skein of Purl Essense in multi-citrus and immediately fell in love with the crazy fun colors of it.  Happened to see a sign stating the all Purl Essence was 50% off, oh my, 50% made this giant skein only $5...I bought 2!

just look at these colors!
I've been wanting to make a C2C blanket for awhile now, so guess what I'm using this delicious yarn for?

Sunday's table
So now there it is, blanket #3 in colorful variegated yarn that just makes me so happy!  I put them all together on the table for a group photo.

all three blanket wips
Mother's Day was Sunday and my Daughter brought me home flowers and an Amazon gift card, which added to the one Christopher gave me as his Mother's Day gift.  Happy Mom indeed!
Mother's Day roses
Pretty much that's about it, this weekend will be geared more towards cleaning.  I have to steam clean the carpets, I have to clean the leaves and grime from the balcony and repot some new plants that I've picked up over this past week.  I am going to be repainting the living room to go with the new couch and chair we just got too, so a trip to Lowe's to check out paint colors is in order as well.  Can't wait!

happy colors
New yarn arrived and so there's another project to get started on soon!
new yarn!
There it is, a quick update, hopefully I will be able to get closer to finishing 1 of these blankets over the weekend.

Listening to: Precious by The Pretenders
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