Thursday, December 04, 2014

Roll in December

Thanksgiving has come and gone and we are now in December, officially Christmas time!  My Sister asked for a headband in black and brown.  Man I love making these, they I super simple and I can whip one up in an evening.  This one was done in between pie making!  The only thing I don't care for is the band around the bow is not quite tight enough, I like the bow a bit more cinched.  My Sister liked it, so I guess that's all that matters.
another headband
Katlyn had to work on Thanksgiving until 6, so she didn't arrive until near dinnertime, but she put her turkey hat on so we could all giggle and take pictures.  Yellow flower hairpin is not attached, she wore it to work and left it in with the hat.
turkey hat in action
My Niece's son had his first round of shots and was a grumpy face about it, so I thought I'd make him a hat to cheer him up.  Just grabbed some yarn and took it with me on Thanksgiving.  
baby beanie
Thanksgiving over and I got the ham bone!  Oh sweet crockpot, beans, bone (with a substantial amount of meat still attached) and a bit of seasoning and tada...dinner is cooking!  I love crockpot cooking, so easy and the meal is always tasty!

using leftovers the right way
Made a cowl for Alysha's Christmas gift, or maybe her birthday, which is first and yikes in 6 days!  I best get it in the mail if it's for her birthday!
2 color cowl
Madison asked if I could make her a purple flower hairpin and since I didn't clarify what shade of purple she wanted, I made one in every bonbon shade I had.  Of course since Katlyn only had one purple one, I needed to make her some as well.  So a double batch of purple flowers was made!

a lot of purple
Had to buy more bobby pins to accommodate all of the new flowers. 

purple flowers
Katlyn then said she needed more, like one in every color I had....I have a lot of colors!  Guess how I spent my Black Friday??   Still in the making process, since I had to stop and make other things as well, but I have a whole card of bobby pins and I'm ready to go!

flower making
Other things I made in between flowers included, a coffee cozy (or 2).  My Son's girlfriend posted a picture on facebook of a coffee cozy with a heart that she loved, so I made one for her.  Another friend saw and loved it as well, so I made one for her as well.  I tried 2 different hearts out and played with the size of the cozy as well.  These were stupid quick to make up and I was able to pop them in the mail the next day.  

1st one
2nd one
Alysha and Brooke got their headbands and posted a picture for me to enjoy!  Yay, I like pictures of things I make in action!
headbands in action
Ok I think that about does it for now.  I have a few requests to get done and there will be more pictures soon.  Not sure how many people will be getting handmade Christmas items since I'm busy with requests right now, but I am enjoying the requests!

Listening to:  Someday by Nickelback

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