Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Photo heavy post

Well a lot of photos in today's post.  I went up North for Brooke's birthday, so I have pictures, some may even include crochet!
Actually the first one is a snap update of the striped blanket, I am further then this now but this was a quick shot from last Wednesday when I brought it to the office to show my Sister.  
Stripes 6.11
So I have a cat, a cat that loves chewing on cords.  We have now put all cords in our rooms for charging and Katlyn has even banned him from her room forever!   He hasn't bothered with my Kindle cord before, but when I attached my Kindle for charging before sleep it wouldn't show as charging.  I got up and checked the socket to make sure all was good and changing outlets thinking that must be the problem.  Fairly frustrated at this point, I finally see the issue....gah!  Damn you Stein!
they must taste good!
On with the road trip portion of our blog adventure.  Wait, the road trip was the adventure, not the blog.  I hit the road at 5:54 am on Thursday morning with the dogs.  All was good until the Grapevine.  2 hours stuck on the Grapevine with no where to go, can't get off, can't turn around, you just have to sit and wait!  Thank goodness that it was so early still that it was nice and cool, because sitting 2 hours in traffic is a bad thing, but add heat to that and it becomes a very bad thing!

unexpected happenings await ahead!
SO...anyway road trip had a few unexpected glitches.  3 times beyond the Grapevine the road was being worked on so they dropped us down to one lane and when I got to the Bay Area there was another nasty accident.  So 2 hours behind schedule, I finally get to Windsor!  

The dogs weren't bothered
Balloon Classic was going on Saturday and Sunday with the launch site at the park behind Alysha's so we have a wonderful view.  This picture was Friday morning at about 7:30 and while it's nice for me because I'm awake that early, Katlyn and Alysha were far from amused!

early morning fliers
Brooke's birthday was on Friday with her party set for Saturday.  So Friday was cupcake baking and jello making and getting things ready.  Movie day as well, though I had a headache and I didn't think sitting through a 2 hour movie in 3D was a good idea, so I stayed behind.

Kid hung with me while everyone was gone
We went to dinner that evening and then came back to the house and had ice cream cake, yummy!  We had a very happy birthday girl!

happiness on a plate
Saturday morning was prep time for all things party related.  Brook helped me by removing the jello "ice" from the pan.
she's a great helper!
Party was a success, and the kids all enjoyed a bit of science along with their beverage!

man, dry ice is fun!
Now for the pictures of kids!  The boys let me take pictures and of course Brooke mostly cooperated.

Birthday girl in her tutu
Brandon in his new sunglasses
Christopher, mid conversation
Steven with a smile for Mom
Eligh with cheeto fingers
Brooke and Grandma
Trip home was a bit trafficky...that's what happens when we leave on a Sunday though.  Katlyn drove for the first part and I did some hookin'.  It's coming along nicely, should have it done fairly soon.  

road trip hookin'
Now if I would stop getting ideas and starting them while in the middle of another project, which I did yesterday!  I decided I needed potholders and so does Alysha and Brandon just moved into his own apartment with his girlfriend, so potholders all around!  Didn't actually mean to get started on them last night, but I went digging through my cotton yarn just to see what colors I had and sat down and started working on panel up and then another and before I know it, both panels are done and I stitching them together! 

1 panel down and started the 2nd
Grabbed up some bits of red and green cotton for the cherry addition and got crackin' 
why yes, I am at work!
all done
Ok I shall get back to the stripes tonight and get it done soon because my new yarn came in for the next blanket!  This will be for a baby boy as well.  I also saw a family friend on Saturday who is expecting a baby in November so I have another blanket to work on just as soon as they let me know what they are having!  My Sister and I are going to open an Etsy shop pretty soon, so we need to work on stock for that as well.  

new baby blanket yarn
I believe that's all she wrote at the moment.  I have an idea book that is brimming with ideas and requests so I really must get working!  

Listening to: Hard To See by Five Finger Death Punch
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