Friday, August 09, 2013

Yep, here I am!

So I came back from the great beyond...actually have not actually gone anywhere, just keeping busy.  And by busy I mean reading.......A LOT!  Seriously, I am close to 100 books read from April until today and have 45 unread on my Kindle and 88 on my Amazon wish list and that doesn't include the multiples in an individual series, which there are many on my lists!  I feel like a woman obsessed with reading, too bad I can't make a career out of reading!  So on now with hooking.  I am working up small projects, just getting them done as I keep getting requests for cases ranging from iPhones to iPads and all things in between.  Christopher bought a new car and wants a chicken for it, so I am making him a chicken.  his car is midnight blue and I found some cotton yarn with a lovely navy blue in it.  I also have a silver t-rex charm to add to his chicken, don't ask what I was thinking when I picked that up, just figured I could make it work somehow!
chicken for Christopher
Got a couch and a loveseat for the living room and now when I read Kid hangs out on the sofa with me, snuggled up somehow!
I read, he snuggles
Saturdays in July and August require pool time, so I head put to the pool at my Sister's with a book and a drink and maybe a snack :)

saturday afternoons
Saturday nights it's girls night at her house and we have been playing games, Apples to Apples and we found this game which is similar to Apples to Apples but oh the hilarity is so much!  Really horrible people indeed!

saturday nights
Went yarn shopping last week to grab some cotton yarn for a phone case for Alysha and they had big giant Bernat cotton skiens red tagged (only selected colors of course) so I grabbed a green one, because I have a love for lime green and for 6 bucks it was a screamin' deal!  Of course it was a better deal because it was actually $3 and not 6....oh so much happiness for me!
a bit of shopping
We acquired a new kitten last week and let me say, my plants...they are not so thrilled!  Anyway, his name is Stein and he is cute, but he's a kitten and I am crazy!
a new animal to clean up after
So the market bag I was working on forever ago (last post) well it's done and very cool.  Easy peasy to get done though I did redo the strap because the pattern called for it to be twice as wide and it looked ridiculous. 

market bag - complete
This phone case is for Katlyn's new Samsung Galaxy 4, I made her one already but that was before that plastic protector case came in the mail which has made the first one I made a bit snug.  This is Navy (even though it looks black) and white stripes as she requested.  

phone case in progress
My mother requested a case for her iPhone, so hers is on going as well.
phone case 2 in progress
This is the green cotton I picked up for $3.  Don't have a clue what I shall use it for, but by god it was necessary for the price!
And last but not least, this is the case I made for my Mom's Kindle.  Black yarn, blue buttons and a silly ittle duck on the front!
kindle case for Mom
That's it for now my lovelies...I shall try to balance my time better with books and yarn!  Still haven't finished Merlin or Supernatural!  My television never gets turned on!

Listening to: Control by Puddle of Mudd
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