Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Really bad pictures, but a cute scarf!

Remember that yarn I got from Toni...the NuMei 2 posts ago? Well I worked it up and TA-DA. The scarf is done. Hey what else does one do when watching the first 7 Harry Potter movies in a row?
Terrible pictures taken this morning at work after attaching the flowers and fringe...yes 2 flowers are there I love how they blend in. Anyway the scarf is off in the mail so I am hoping she will like it. She doesn't even know I have it done so she will be surprised!

Nothing terribly new other that the scarf, I am planning out Christmas gifts...maybe if I can work out the idea I saw. I am going to attempt it tonight so crossing fingers that I can get it to work because I know people always like handmade gifts! Oh wait is that just me? Now if I just had a magic wand to get things done =)

Listening to:
Need You Now by Lady Antebellum

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